Sunday, November 20, 2016

vCenter Appliance 6.5 Installation and Configuration

How to install and configure the vCenter Appliance 6.5

Step 1: Download the software and burn it into a dvd if you want. Explore the contents. Notice the vcsa-ui-installer folder. That has the graphical tools for different operating systems. Notice that the deployment can be achieved from windows, linux and mac.

Step 2: Double click  on installer and start the configuration of the appliance. The deployment is divided into 2 stages. 

Step 3: Once Stage 1 is complete, start stage 2.

Step 4: Once the install is done, you can open the console of the vm, connect to the VAMI port (5480) or point to https://name_of_vcenter to see the shortcuts to the web client and the new html client.

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