Tuesday, November 13, 2018

7 vSAN 6.7 Changes you may have missed

1. The Performance Service is now enabled by default.

2. The older ClomRepairDelay parameter can be changed at the cluster level. Also, swap objects are thin provision by default now.

3. VM Storage Policies can be created with the vSphere Client.

 4. The Health Service looks very different.

5. VASA is now internally managed and we use VASA version 3.

6. Trim/Unmap can be enabled via the RVC.

7. There are new Proactive Tests.

How to create VM Storage Policies for vSAN 6.7U1

1. Go to the Home page in the vSphere Client and click on VM Storage Policies.

2. Click on Create VM Storage Policy.

3. Name your policy.

4. Click on Enable rules for vSAN storage.

5. Look at the options available for either regular or stretched clusters.

6. Select your Raid level. 

7. Click on Advanced Policy Rules to view other options.

8. Select your vSAN Datastore.

9. Click on Finish.

10. Verify that the policy was created.