Saturday, November 12, 2016

My Top 10 New Features in vSphere 6.5

My Favorite enhancements to vSphere 6.5

10. The Autodeploy UI

No more powercli to configure Auto Deploy.

09. The new VMFS 6 File System

Support for more luns (512) and automatic UNMAP to keep track of freed blocks.

08. Built-in Update Manager

Fully embedded and integrated VUM. No more need for a windows vm.

07. vMotion Encryption

vMotion migrations will be encrypted to provide integrity and authenticity of data being transferred via vMotion.

06. VSAN + ISCSI support

An administrator can now create iscsi luns inside of the VSAN datastore and make them available to physical servers or Microsoft Clusters that need shared disks.

05. Network-Aware DRS

Network-aware DRS is used to determine if the host chosen by DRS is network saturated or not. DRS does NOT migrate a vm just because of network saturation.

04. HA Orchestrated Restarts and Proactive Restarts

Proactive HA uses data received from vendor sensors to proactively move vms via DRS to avoid unneccesary down time.

03. VM Encryption

Encryption done at the hypervisor level. Managed via policies.

02. vCenter High-Availability

In vSphere 6.5, you now can have an active and a passive vCenter Server.

01. The New vSphere (HTML) Client

The former fling now is supported. Just connect to the vCenter by using the https://vcenter_name/ui

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