Tuesday, September 6, 2016

NFS version 4.1 Server Configuration

NFS v41 Server Configuration Steps:

1. Deploy a generic linux vm or physical server. Lubuntu was used in this case. A generic installation will do. If you want, download the ISO from distrowatch.com or lubuntu.net. If you have never installed linux, youtube is your friend :)

2. Create a folder to share. /nfs1 will be used in this case.

3. If you want to, change the permissions to 777 so everybody can write to it. Notice that the directory is currently empty.

4. Install the nfs-kernel-server package.

5. Install the vi editor (sudo apt-get install vim) and run sudo vi /etc/exports. The file should look like this by the time you are done.

6. Start the nfs services by running the /etc/init.d/nfs-kernel-server start command.

7. Run the showmount -a command to see which directories are being shared.

8. Since this nfs server vm was built with VMware Player, I changed the ip of the ubuntu server to a static address to be able to interact with the esxi host. To do so, edit /etc/network/interfaces file, shut down the vm and modify the settings from NAT to Bridge. Lubuntu defaults to DHCP so this may or may not be needed in your environment.

9. Go to your esxi host and mount the directory. This can be done with the web client or c.l.i.

10. Make sure that you can store data in the datastore.

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