Tuesday, March 8, 2016

VSAN 6.2 2 Node Cluster (Beta)

How to create a Two Node ROBO Virtual SAN

Servers created with 2 lcpus, 8gbs of RAM and 3 disks.

1. Create a cluster in your new datacenter. Name the cluster and don't enable VSAN yet.

2. Add two esxi hosts to your Datacenter and prepare the vmkernel ports.

3. Deploy the esxi witness appliance or create your own.

4. Drag the two physical servers into your cluster. Do not drag the witness into the cluster.

5. Enable Virtual San and select to configure a two node cluster.

6. Select the two nodes in the list.

7. Select the witness appliance.

8. Click on Finish.

9. Verify the results.

10. Create the disk groups.

11. Create the two fault domains.

12. Select the witness.

13. Specify the disks to be used.

14. Take a look at the end result.

15. Notice the size of the datastore. In this case it's 200gb (100gb x 2)

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