Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Virtual SAN 6.2 IOPS Limits

What's New in Virtual San 6.2

Quality of Service (QoS) using IOPS limits is a new feature of Virtual San 6.2.  As you can see below, 6.2 allows the creation of virtual machine storage policies specifying IO limits.

Reasons to use this feature?  

What about the "noisy neighbor" that monopolizes all available IO.

Quality of service is normalized to a 32K block size. An example of an IOPS limit of 500 (up to 32k blocks) will result in 500 IOPS limits, while a block size of 64k would result in 250 IOPS.

How to do so:

1. Create a virtual machine storage policy and specify your desired limit.

2. Edit the virtual machine settings and bind the virtual disk to the policy. This can also be done when the virtual machine is created.

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