Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Virtual SAN 6.2 and Raid 5 // Raid 6

How to Create a Raid 5/6 VM with Virtual San 6.2

1. Create a 4 node cluster with all flash devices. This will NOT work with the hybrid model.

2. Using the web client, click on home and create a new virtual machine storage policy. Name it.

3. Select the new option "Raid 5//Raid 6".

4. Continue with the wizard.

5. Click on Finish.

6. Next, create a vm and select the new policy.

7. Verify that the vm creates and it is compliant.

8. Notice the location of the components.


Raid 5 requires 4 hosts minimum (not three). Raid 6 requires 6 hosts minimum.
Raid 5 is used in conjunction with FTT=1; Raid 6 with FTT=2.

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