Sunday, March 15, 2015

Vmotion across vCenter Servers illustrated

Vmotion Enhancements

Vmotion across vCenter Servers

1. In order to perform this task, two or more vcenter servers have to be connected to the same PSC//SSO instance. This was performed with the Linux appliances (vc01 and vc02) connected to an external Platform Services Controller (called PSC). This was performed with one virtual switch on each host and a standard vMotion port group with a standard vMotion vmkernel port on each host.

2. Power on a vm (xp1) and right click on it. Select Migrate. Notice the option selected.

3. Select the other vCenter Server (vc01 in this case) and another host (esxi01)

4. Select a datastore. This was performed from local storage to local storage.

5. Select a port group on the other host. Notice the warning at the bottom.

6. Notice the next screen, make your decision and proceed.

7. Click on Finish and wait.

8.  Notice the bottom of the screen (Recent Tasks). Success !!!


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