Tuesday, March 24, 2015

VDP 6 Installation, Configuration, Backups and Restores

VDP 6 is the latest version of VDP. New features include agents that enable application-consistent backup and reliable recovery of applications like Exchange, SharePoint and Sql Server. External proxies are now available to be deployed in remote locations such as other vSphere clusters in the same site or across sites to minimize network bandwith impact and improve overall performance. VDP is included with Essentials Plus and higher.


1. Deploy from OVA after downloading from vmware.com/downloads.

2. Configuration: 

Once the appliance reboots, connect to it using https://ip_of_vdp:8543/vdp-configure. Log in as root; the default password id "changeme".

Note: Once the reboot is done, log in again using the same URL to view some recovery options.

3. Backup

Log into the Web Client and select the newly added VDP Icon. Connect to the appliance and select the vm to backup.

4. Restore

Restore the virtual machine by selecting the vm and clicking on the Restore Icon. You can restore it in the same location or a different one.

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