Saturday, May 30, 2020

vsantop command

What is vsantop?

vsantop is a new vSAN related command that first appeared on vSphere 6.7U3. Similar to the esxtop command, vsantop has lots of interesting options that can show all sorts of vSAN related information.
This utility can be run in batch mode by using the "-b" option combined with the "-d" option to specify the delay plus the "-n" option to specify the number of iterations.

1. putty into an esxi host and type "vsantop" to see the default "host-domclient" view (entity).

2. type "h" or "?" to get help

3. type "s" to change the seconds to delay (refresh rate)

4. type "E" to change entieties/views

5. Type "f" or "F" to potentially add or remove columns

6. type "o" to potentially change the order of the columns


system-pmem option:

cache-disk option (the host has 1 cache disk):

capacity-disk option (the host has 2 capacity disks):

vsan-pnic-net option (the host is using 1 nic):

disk-group option (the host has 1 disk group):

6. Type "q" for quit

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