Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Storage IO Control in vSphere 6.5

What is Storage IO Control?

Storage IO Control is used to control the IO usage of virtual machines and gradually enforce pre-defined shares. Shares can be high, medium or low. This feature was introduced in vSphere 4.1 and requires the Enterprise Plus License.

Step 1: Create a datastore. VMFS was used in this case and a datastore called dy (datastore y) was created.

Step 2: SIOC is now managed via IO Filters Providers. You can easily see the filters are registered automatically. You can select the vCenter server and see these filters.

Step 3: To enable SIOC on a datastore, right click on the datastore and enable SIOC.

Step 4: Next, create a virtual machine policy. Click on Home and select VM Storage Policies to create a new SIOC policy.

Step 5: Name the policy and click on Next.

Step 6: Select SIOC and select High, Medium or Low Shares.

Step 7: Now, apply the policy to the virtual machine. Right click on an existing virtual machine  and edit Storage Policies. Select the policy to use and select Apply All.

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