Friday, May 27, 2016

The Host Client in vSphere 6.0 Update 2

Background Information:

The host client was initially a fling that allowed the admin to connect to the esxi host via a browser. Nowadays, it is built in and looking awesome. What follows are a few captures to display the host client capabilities. Works beautifully with different browsers (using firefox here) and it does NOT rely on Flash.

1. Connect to your esxi host using https://ip_of_host/ui or https://fqdn_of_host/ui. Log in as root.

2. The main window has plenty of information available.

3. The Virtual Machine option allows you to manipulate vms, create them, etc.

4.  The Storage option allows you to create nfs and vmfs datastores.

5. The Networking view allows you to see or create standard switches, port groups, etc.

6.  The Monitoring view allows you to see performance charts.

7. Creating a virtual machine is easy.

8. Same for creating datastores.

9. Creating switches  is yet another breeze.

10. The host client lets you see more logs than the vsphere client. Logs like fdm.log (for clustering) and the shell.log (which displays commands run in the shell).

Final Thought:  Is this the tool that puts the vSphere Client to rest? What do you think...

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