Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Flash Read Cache in vSphere 6

How to Configure and Monitor Flash Read Cache in vSphere 6

1. Using the Web Client, click on Manage and Settings to find the Flash Read Cache Option.

2. Click on Add Capacity to specify which SSD device will be used for this.

3. Notice that you have the option to use part of this device for a Host Swap Cache as well.

5. Notice that 4GBs have been used out of the total capacity of the drive for Host Swap Cache.

6. Notice that the previous step leaves about 10GBs available for Flash Read Cache.

7. Allocate a portion of this drive to a critical virtual machine.

8. Notice that this leaves about 6GBs available for other virtual machines.

9. Using putty (ssh), run some commands related for flash read cache.

10. Enjoy :)

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