Tuesday, April 28, 2015

VROPS 6 Installation and Configuration

VROPS 6.0.1 Installation and Configuration

1. Download the VROPS ova from vmware.com/downloads and burn it into a dvd. The ova is about 1.6gbs in size. 

2. Use the Web Client to Install the VROPS vm. It's no longer a vapp comprised of two vms, just one vm with 4vcpus and 16gbs of RAM (instead of two vms with 7 and 9 gbs of RAM). Power on the VROPS vm after the installation.

3. Notice the specs for the VROPS vm and the instructions on how to proceed. 

3. Launch your browser and connect to the VROPS vm using https

4. Select Express Configuration and proceed with the configuration. Change the "admin" password during this step. The default password is "admin".

5. Log into the VROPS appliance using the user admin with the new password.

6. Specify which vCenter Server to monitor. Add the credentials for administrator@vsphere.local.

7. Take a look at the different available views of the esxi host, the vcenter server and datastores.

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