Thursday, April 16, 2015

esxtop CLEAR state in vSphere 6


You may have noticed while running vSphere 6 that esxtop may display new information when compared to previous versions.

For example, while running esxtop with the "m" (memory) option in vSphere 6, you may see the
host in CLEAR STATE.

CLEAR State is a new option in vSphere 6. It sits between HIGH and SOFT state.

So to recap, we now have high, clear, soft, hard and low state.

High State has been bumped up to 300% of minfree.

Clear State sits at 100% of minfree.Breaking of large pages and actively calling TPS to collapse them

Soft State is at 64% of minfree. TPS + Ballooning

Hard State is at 32% of minfree. TPS + Compression + Swapping

Low State is at 16% of minfree. Compression + Swapping + Blocking of vms from allocating ram

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