Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Vsphere VMA 6.0

How to Deploy the VMware Management Assistant 6.0

1. Download the VMA from the Beta Site and deploy it via OVF. Make sure to add the dns records for it ahead of time. The deployment will fail without the DNS records.

2. After the deployment and initial reboot, open up the console via the web client. Somehow (beta?), I had to input the network related information a second time. You can also connect to it using port 5480.

3. The VMA is still based on SUSE linux and it is configured with 1 vcpu, 600mbs of RAM and a virtual disk that is 3gbs in size like the previous version. SSH into the VMA and log in as vi-admin.

4. Configure fast-pass as usual using the vifp and vifptarget commands.

5. Test the VMA using any of your favorite commands. The vicfg and esxcfg commands are still there and they work without any extra effort.

Note: The esxcli commands will not work natively until the thumbprint for the esxi host is added.

The command to do that is /usr/lib/vmware-vcli/apps/general/credstore_admin.pl add -s server_name -t thumbprint.

Other options for this command to remember:

credstore_admin.pl clear                        <- clears all entries
credstore_admin.pl list -s server_name  <- displays current thumbprint for a host

Note:  Yes, there is a remove option :)

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