Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Openfiler Installation and Configuration for Iscsi

How to install and configure Openfiler for Iscsi:

Step 1: Download the .iso image for openfiler and burn it into a cd/dvd

Step 2: Boot your future iscsi server (physical or virtual) from the cd/dvd.

Step 3: The installation is based on Red Hat Anaconda. Notice the captures.

Step 4: Once the system reboots, you see the url to be used. There are 2 accounts, root and openfiler. Openfiler is the account to use to configure iscsi and other services.

Step :5 In any event, this is what you can see/change as root.

Step 6: Log in as openfiler (the default password is "password) using https and port 446. You may want to change the password after the login process.

Step 7: Click on the Volumes tab.

Step 8: Create a new physical volume using the second disk.

Step 9: Select the second disk (/dev/sdb), make it a physical volume and click on create.

Step 10: Click on Add Volume.

Step 11: Name it and specify the size to use.

Step 12:  Go to the System tab and configure the Network Access Configuration to specify who can access this devices.

Step 13 : Enable and start the Iscsi service.

Step 14 : Click on Iscsi Target and add it.

Step 15 : Map the target to the volume.

Step 16: Update your configuration.

Last Step: Verify that the lun can be accessed via the vsphere client, web client or cli.

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