Thursday, July 24, 2014

ESXi-Customizer // An alternative to Image Builder

Esxi Customizer

What it is: ESXi-customizer is a simple and effective graphical windows-based tool used to add .vibs (packages) to the standard ESXi iso image, something that comes in handy when the standard iso image is somehow missing a critical driver needed to successfully perform an installation.

1. Download esxi-customizer. Do a simple search and you will find it. Also, find the missing packages that you need to add to the standard image. In this case, the standard iso image did not have the .vib needed to recognize the built-in nic in the future esxi host.

2. Install it by double clicking on the icon. This tool was installed in Windows 7 in this case.

3. Select the folder to extract to.

4. Open up the folder that was created and double click on ESXi-customizer.

5. Click on Browse on the top left and find your standard esxi ISO image. In this case, an image previously customized was used to add more packages to it.

6. Click on the Second Browse and find the missing package (vib) that you want to add.

7. Click on the Third Browse and select where to store the new and improved iso image.

8. Click on run to generate the new iso image for esxi.

9. Burn the new and improved iso image into a dvd or cd.

Esxi Commands related to .vibs.

1. esxcli software vib
Without any arguments, this command shows you what can be done. Ex. Manually install a vib or list

2. esxcli software vib list
This is self explanatory; it simply shows all the installed packages.

3. esxcli software vib get
This option shows you information about the vibs such as any dependencies and creation date.

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