Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Deploying the vCenter Appliance 6.0 U2 on VMware Workstation Player

Step 1: Download the appliance from and copy it into your desktop. These are the contents of the download minus some of the Readme files.

Step 2: Open up the vcsa folder and rename vmware-vcsa to vmware-vcsa.ova.

Step 3: Double click on vmware-vsa.ova. Player should open.

Step 4: Click on Import and wait.

Step 5: Go to your Documents folder and find the .vmx file of the appliance (it's not called .vmx). Mine was called vmware-vcsa.ova.

Step 6: Edit the .vmx (equivalent) file and add the following lines. Specify your desired IP address, gateway and DNS server.

Step 7: Boot the virtual machine; relax and wait. For this test, I lowered the amount of RAM to 6gb.
I would not do that if I had more memory on this pc. :)

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