Tuesday, October 6, 2015

vPostgres Database Information

 vPostgres related commands to know

Disclaimer: Do not run these commands in a production environment.

Connect to the vCenter Appliance via putty. Type df -h to find the location of the database and how full it is.


Go to /etc/vmware-vpx and find the password of your database in the vcdb.properties file. This includes the username (vc) and password.

Use the psql command to connect to the database. Type \h to get help and \q to quit once you are done.

Google vacuumdb to free up some space.

Or ... here is the syntax.

Find the password for the user "vc" to perform the database backup.Stop vpx first by typing service vmware-vpxd stop first.

Back up the database with the pg_dump command. Type service vmware-vpxd start once you are done.

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