Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Host Client Fling --Awesome non-supported tool

What is a Fling:

A fling is a pet project from VMware engineers. The URL is There is a great collection of tools that I have used in the past such as the autodeploy gui for example.

What is the Host Client Fling:

The host client fling is a piece of software (a .vib) that is installed on the esxi host. It allows the administrator to connect with a browser to the esxi host (along the lines of the web client connecting to the vcenter server) and perform some of the same tasks that you typically perform with the vSphere Client. It is written in HTML5 and Javascript.

Step 1: Download the .vib from

Step 2: Upload the vib (package) to your esxi host. Once you do that, install it with the esxcli command.

Step 3:  Launch your favorite browser and connect to your esxi host via https://ip_of_server/ui. The fully qualified named of the esxi host can be used as well. DON'T forget /ui at the end of the url.

What follows is a few captures to show you some of the capabilities of this fling.

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