Thursday, November 13, 2014

How to Configure Policy-Based Storage with the Web Client

Step 1: Create the datastores to be used with the Web Client or Vsphere Client. In this case, datastore "x" will be used. Once created, go to the Storage View. Select the datastore, click on Manage and select Tags. Click on the New Tag icon (first one on the left).

2. As you create a new tag, name it (Gold Tier), select New Category and name the category Storage Tiers. Click Ok.

3. Verify that the Tag was created.

4. Click on Home and select the VM Storage Policies icon.

5. Select Create a New VM Storage Policy and give it a name.

6. Click on Add tag-based rule and match it to the tag previously created.

7. Click on Finish and observe the results.

8. Associate the virtual machine to the VM Storage Policy by right-clicking on the vm and selecting All Vcenter Actions, VM Storage Plicies and Manage VM Storage Policies.

9. Verify that the virtual machine is compliant or not. In this case, the virtual machine is not in the correct location, thus non-compliant.

10. You can also select the datastore and verify how many vms associated to that datastore are compliant instead of looking at the individual vms. In this case, there was only one and was non-compliant.

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