Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Solaris 11 + ZFS as an NFS server for ESXI

How to configure a Solaris 11 NFS Server

1. Start the installation of Solaris 11. In this case, a vm was created with 1 vcpu and 3 gbs of RAM. This vm was created with 2 20gb disks; the second disk to be used for nfs. Take a look at the screens and answers the questions as needed.

Step 2: Reboot the solaris server after the install and log in.

Step 3: Change the ip address of the nfs server with the following commands.

# sudo ipadm create-addr -T static -a local= net0

# ipadm show-if; ipadm show-addr

Step 4. Create an NFS share using ZFS and the second disk using the commands in the capture.

Step 5: Mount the file system using esxcfg-nas

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