Wednesday, January 29, 2014

How to use the Standalone Converter


1. Download the vSphere Standalone Converter. You can see this is the new converter 5.5.

2. Install it in the machine you want to convert. There are different choices but in this case, the application was installed on a windows 7 machine. The same machine that was going to be converted.

3. Start the Standalone Converter by clicking on the icon that appears on the desktop after the installation.

4. Select Convert this Machine in the upper left corner.

5. Add the information of the vcenter server that is in charge of the esxi servers and pick a name for the new virtual machine

6. Select the esxi host to run the virtual machine.

7. Resize the virtual machine and change the cpu count, memory amount if desired. In this case, the physical machine was installed on a 250gb disk but was only using about 25 gbs. Also, the physical machine had 4 gbs of memory and a quad core cpu, but this was lowered to 30gbs and 3 gbs of ram.

8. Start the conversion and monitor the progress.

9. Power on the virtual machine and test it.

10. If happy with the results, retire the old physical server.

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