Monday, August 5, 2013

How to install Vshield Manager 5.1.2

Configuring Vshield Manager 5.1.2

Step 1: Download the Vshield Manager ova from

Step 2: Burn it into a dvd (optional).

Step 3: Launch the vsphere client and connect to the vcenter server or esxi server.

Step 4: Click on file and deploy from ovf/ova. This linux-based appliance defaults to 2 vcpus and 8 gbs of ram. This appliance has 3gbs of ram reserved. The virtual disk uses 60gbs of space.

Step 4: Boot up the appliance. This appliance defaults to dhcp and has one virtual nic connected to the port group called VM Network.

Step 5: Open the virtual console of the appliance and log in as admin with the password "default".

Step 6: Configure its networking settings by entering enabled mode. Simply type "enable" and provide the appliance's default password (default).

Step 7: Run the "setup" command to modify its networking settings. After running this command, you need to provide an ip address, netmask, gateway ip and dns domain info. Once you enter the information, answer "yes" to save the settings.

Step 8: Type "exit" to log out of enabled mode. Feel free to log in with the same name and password in order to run the ping command and test connectivity.

Step 9: Launch your browser and connect to the ip address of the vshield appliance. Log in as admin/default.

Step 10: Click on "Edit" next to the vcenter server to specify who is the vcenter server. You also have the choice to edit the ntp settings, syslog collector settings and SSO lookup service. In the upper right corner, click on Change Password and modify the default password.

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