Wednesday, January 4, 2012

VAAI -- VMware vSphere vStorage APIs

Manipulating the Hardware Acceleration VAAI primitives

There are two new vaai primitives available in vsphere 5.0. These provide hardware 
acceleration for NAS and Thin Provisioning. Using these primitives offload certain 
operations to the array, hence reducing cpu overhead on the host and improving cold 
migrations and cloning duration.

From the VMA:
List all plugins installed:
# esxcli --server software vib list

Install a vaai vib:
# esxcli --server software vib install -v | --viburl=url_here

Uninstall a vaai vib:
# esxcli --server = software vib remove -v| --vibname=name

Additional local commands:
# esxcfg-scsidevs -l | egrep "Display Name:VAAI Status"

# esxcli storage core dvice vaai status get

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